So, here I am: plunged into the abyss that is post-undergrad life. That is, until I (hopefully) start my next academic chapter, being a nerd and all. I’m not really sure why I had an uncontrollable urge to start a blog, but I did, so now this exists. I like to be busy all the time, so hopefully this will at least fill up my now-endless free time with something constructive.

Last summer I made a goal to get to know Toronto better by exploring all of its neighbourhoods. This summer I’m planning to continue that, do some traveling, and use this blog to showcase it all. If I can’t wait another week to start, you’ll probably see some Kingston adventures as well. Throw in a lot of ramblings, pictures of food, and attempts at being a baker extraordinaire, and that paints a pretty good picture of what you can expect to find here.

I hope this will bring you at least some of the entertainment it brings me!