After reading Cup of Jo‘s weekly challenges and The Fitnessista‘s goals for each month, I have been inspired to set some monthly challenges for myself. (Plus, maybe writing about it where everyone can see will hold me accountable for my own self-improvement, ha.)


Here are a few to start off for the month of May:

  1. Read the newspaper. I am always embarrassed about how little I know about current events, both on a national and international level. I want to be more well-informed, and I figure this can be easily solved if I just read the paper with my morning tea!
  2. Try at least one new recipe each week. Fairly self-explanatory. I love food and I hope to expand my cooking/baking repertoire to the point that I might eventually be able to make recipes of my own.
  3. Smile and say hello. Everyone—don’t deny it—has those moments where they debate saying hi to an acquaintance, which inevitably lead to awkwardness (e.g., the other person says hi but you don’t because you’re still too busy deciding whether or not to make eye contact). Or maybe you’re worried that you’ll end up saying hello but the other person won’t and that you’ll be embarrassed because of it. But how often have you judged someone for saying hi to you? Doesn’t it only feel good to be acknowledged, especially when you wouldn’t necessarily expect the person to remember you? People love to be remembered and to hear their own name, so I am going to try to stop second-guessing and always greet people I know, even if we only met once. I have a good memory for faces and names, so that will be a lot of people – but I figure (or hope) there is no such thing as being overly friendly.