Recently I found out that my hairdresser “left the hair profession”. Um, what?! You can imagine my disappointment (or panic), especially if you have a big mass of curls like I do. It took me long enough to find someone that wouldn’t make me have triangle-hair the first time around, and I was desperately in need of a haircut.

Enter: the Curl Ambassadors. Located on Harbord, this is a salon dedicated exclusively to cutting curly hair – all the staff have curly hair as well. After an extensive online sign-up process (including answering questions about my curl type/hair length/density etc.), I had my first appointment on Friday and was hugely impressed.

One of the things they do is ask clients to describe what shampoo/conditioner and other products they use. They then use the closest products they have to these, so that the client’s hair ends up looking exactly as it would on a normal day. Hair is then cut from dry so that you can actually see the length and shape. Honestly, I don’t know why more salons don’t do this – this seems like a no-brainer. Sure, you can cut my hair while it’s wet but once it dries into its normal curly self it will look TOTALLY different, and typically not in a good way.

What really struck me was the friendly and relaxed vibe of the salon. I wasn’t even encouraged to buy any products, as I am happy with my own, and my hairstylist actually talked me out of the conditioning treatment I had booked because she said I didn’t need it. My haircut took almost twice as long as normal because the products she used the first time weren’t “true to my natural curls”, so we had to start from scratch, but it still wasn’t rushed at all. She was super thorough, insistent on me walking out with my curls looking as they always did (or better). Bonus = their “Fringe Benefit” service: if you aren’t completely satisfied with how your hair looks post-cut, you can go in again within two weeks to have it fixed up, free of charge.

If it wasn’t already obvious, I highly recommend this place to all my curly-haired sistas out there. (And if you do end up trying it out, don’t forget to name-drop me when you go!)

Stay sassy,