Here I present to you the highly-anticipated sequel to Island Adventures, Part 1. Or, part two of my personal travel journal.

After all the driving and hiking on Wednesday, we were pretty wiped (driver Kyle more understandably), so Thursday was a much-needed chill day: lunch at White Spot, froyo at the pier, pizza and a trip to the movies. AKA us being health nuts: extra butter on that popcorn, please.

On Friday, after a necessary second sandwich at Java Shack, we did the 8 km hike to the Seymour Narrows/Ripple Rock. Ripple Rock is, or was, a twin-peaked underwater mountain that was destroyed in a planned explosion in 1958 as it was a serious marine hazard: by that point it had damaged or sunk more than 100 small and 20 large ships on their way through the Narrows. Fun fact: the explosion was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history, and was also one of the first live coast-to-coast TV broadcasts in Canada. (Here is a video of that broadcast: jump to 0:45 to see the explosion.)

The Narrows themselves are still pretty dangerous (at least for swimming) due to their strong currents, but they sure are nice to look at!


That night we enjoyed a delicious feast courtesy of Kyle’s mom (including cheesy garlic pull-apart bread!!!), followed by a moonlight beach fire.


^ This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the moon was SO big and yellow that night.

On my last full day we had a lazy morning filled with my always-undercooked blueberry pancakes and the Jays game. In the afternoon Kyle took me fishing at Echo Lake, where we ended up bringing the wrong fishing rod – a fly-fishing rod that neither of us could really figure out – but we enjoyed the scenery anyway…


…And then just went to a wine tasting instead. Why not, right? The Coastal Black Estate Winery, located in Black Creek just south of Campbell River, makes their wines from berries instead of grapes which they grow in their on-site vineyard. They also make meads with the honey made by the bees that pollinate the vineyard. We tasted four wines, and each bought one bottle to bring home for our parents. They’ve won a bunch of international awards for their wine, and I can attest that they’re pretty unique and delicious.

We finished off the night – and the trip – with dinner at April Point, a resort and spa on Quadra Island off the coast of CR. We ate on the edge of the patio where it was warm and sunny and we got to enjoy more beautiful views:


I had the sockeye salmon and also tried clam chowder for the first time. Nom nom nom!

Oh, and last but not least, on the way home I had my first lesson in driving standard. Kyle was an incredibly patient instructor and had to calm my excessive anxiety before I finally managed to park the car in the driveway, but I never stalled out (which apparently is an accomplishment)!

All in all an amazing week of new activities and adventures.


Stay breezy, Vancouver Island!

Until next time,