So, as promised at the beginning of May, I have read the paper every morning (except when I was away) and tried a new recipe every week (even when I was away). My progress for challenge #3 was harder to keep track of, but I like to think I am making an effort to be friendlier!

On top of continuing those goals, here are a couple of things I want to focus on for the month of June:

1. Prioritize and be punctual. One of my major flaws is that I’m frequently late for things, often because I get caught up doing little things that I feel I should be doing but that realistically aren’t that important at that time. I often make goals for myself to accomplish a number of things on a given day, which aren’t realistic because I can’t possibly do that much and still enjoy myself. I’m thinking if I focus on just a few key things each day, I can get them done and still be able to get to coffee with a friend or lunch with my grandma on time.

2. Be more in the moment. I’m the kind of person who’s always planning my future (immediate or distant), reflecting on something that happened in the past, or making all kinds of lists in my head instead of paying 100% attention to what is happening around me at that very moment. I’m also guilty of compulsively checking my phone to see if I have any new texts, emails or notifications. It’s become such a habit that I don’t even think about it and it’s hard to stop, but ultimately doing this stuff isn’t helping me accomplish anything and is only distracting me from things I can actually enjoy right there and then. It might even be making me late! I believe if I really try to focus on being present, I will be happier and better able to solve a lot of my problems (like prioritizing and being on time)!

*Note: There is actually a lot of research on mindfulness and how mastering it can help to relieve stress and anxiety, attain weight loss goals, and generally lead a better life. Worth checking out!

Stay positive,