This past week was a very social one, at least compared to the previous week where I spent my hours going insane at home. Each day I did some exploring and got to know neighbourhoods I had already been to a little better.


Marina and I walked around West Queen West, handing out résumés in an attempt to find part-time work for the summer (cue terrifying impromptu interview with the manager of Club Monaco). Whether or not we were successful at securing jobs, we were definitely successful (as usual) in scoring some pretty trinkets and tasty treats. After trips to Yogurty’s and Chippy’s (the second-best fish & chips place in Toronto according to blogTO), we picked up some jewelry at a great little boutique called Durumi. We wanted everything there. I was particularly obsessed with a pair of cut-out oxford shoes and was devastated to find that the largest they are made in is a size 8. Not going to happen with my giant feet. We ended our wanderings with caramel lattes from Dark Horse Espresso Bar, another blogTO favourite.



I met my friend Emma at one of my very favourite places in all of Toronto: Snakes & Lattes board game café. They have renovated since the last time I was there, knocking down the wall separating its two sides, and it feels very spacious and welcoming. New liquor license aside, the caffeinated beverages are also yummy (I loved my vanilla chai tea) and there is an absolutely ridiculous variety of board games. I would be surprised if there were a single game they didn’t have. I guess we could have tried something new, but we stuck to Scattergories, our tried and true fave. Snakes & Lattes is also the only retailer of Cards Against Humanity, the most inappropriate and hilarious game out there, so we both picked up a box before dinner at New Generation Sushi. Well-deservedly on blogTO’s list of the best cheap sushi in Toronto (they even give you complimentary ice cream at the end of your meal).


For Tia’s birthday, I took her to one of my favourite salons where they were having a promo for shellac manicures, our guilty pleasure. Sitamaa Day Spa is a little spot in Manulife Centre that is clean, comfortable, and beautifully decorated, with very friendly and personable estheticians. More importantly, they are talented – my shellac manicures consistently last at least three weeks before chipping. After pampering ourselves, we went to 7 West Cafe for lunch and did some shopping in and around Yorkville. I had to stop into the new Kate Spade shop – there seriously is not a store that makes me feel happier. The prints, colours and motifs are just so sunshine-y and cheerful. One more stop was essential: Gelato Simply Italian. Up there with my favourite gelato places of all time, and that means A LOT coming from me. It just tastes so authentically Italian – you aren’t even allowed to sample certain flavours because they (or the ingredients) are shipped straight from Italy. They have another location at Yonge & Davisville, and also own the traditional Roman pizzeria across the street from it. I definitely recommend checking out both.



Tia arranged for a bunch of us to go see The Wizard of Oz at the Ed Mirvish Theatre, courtesy of a handy Groupon deal. We all met beforehand for Mexican at Dos Amigos, located at Bathurst and Davenport. Their menu has a whole page devoted to margaritas! It was a fun night and we all enjoyed the show. It would be especially perfect for families.