Congrats! The time has come for us to move on from undergrad. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s all-around bittersweet. But this is not the time to start panicking about your lack of direction. Remember that you are only 21 or 22 years old (read: not ancient), and most people don’t have their lives “figured out” until much later than that. The people that set their career goals in childhood, and are still successfully following those dreams, are the weirdos anomalies. What I realized recently is that I’m not stressing out about the fact that I have no imminent future plans, but about the fact that I have an overwhelming number of options as to my next steps. Do I want to pursue studies in clinical psychology, or psychiatry? In the meantime, do I want to look for a serious full-time job, a more fun part-time job (and if so, in WHAT?), go traveling (where?), take extra courses, or even explore teaching/volunteer opportunities in another country? Should I take a dance class or go to those trendy new Barreworks classes?* The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter. We only have so much time in life to do exactly what we want to do with nothing holding us back, and seeing as we’re still young, that’s what we should be focusing on now. Of course, if you have ambitious career goals it’s a good idea to accumulate whatever experience you might need, but my point is there’s no rush, and there’s more than enough time to make mistakes and even to change our minds over and over again. I know now you’re like, “why are you pretending to be some wise old soul with all this sage advice from her years of life experience? You’re the same age as me!!!” But you can’t deny that you’ve heard this stuff before from your ACTUAL elders, and I have a pretty good feeling there’s a grain of truth to it all.

Stay positive,


*I did try those trendy new Barreworks classes, for the record, and they are trendy for a reason. A variety of fun and fast-paced classes in a beautiful facility. Check ‘em out!