This edition of “culinary creations” is intended to make for (a) loved one(s), but is delicious eaten yourself too: the “egg-in-a-hole”. I’ve made it before but wanted to put a fresh spin on it for my dad for father’s day.


It looks cool and is very simple:

1. Cut out a hole in the center of a piece of bread (I used cinnamon-raisin bread because that is my dad’s favourite). The rim of a glass will make a nice, clean circle, but you can also cut free-hand or use cute cookie cutters to make other shapes. I free-hand cut out the shape of a heart.

2. Heat a buttered pan on medium and place the bread and the cut out shape on top to toast. You can use the little cut out later to mop up the yolk!

3. Crack the egg directly into the hole in the piece of bread. It will stay within the confines of the shape you have cut:


4. Wait until the egg appears cooked on the bottom (i.e., it looks like it will hold together) before flipping so it can cook on the other side. Note: it is best to use bread that is not too thick so that the egg can cook more thoroughly in the middle. The bread I used was probably too thick.

That’s it! Sprinkle with a little cracked pepper and enjoy!

Stay hungry,