Since we are now in July, what better time to share with you my “recipe” (more like guidelines) for foolproof sangria? Like most things I make and post the recipes for, it’s super simple. However, having made sangria far more times than I can count, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.


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Step 1. Cut up a ton of fruit. If you are making red wine sangria, cut several slices of citrus fruits – grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime – and drop them into your pitcher. Also squeeze a few of the slices to add some juice for good measure. If you are making white wine sangria, add some citrus fruits but also cut up some peaches and pineapple – they complement the more crisp flavour of the white wine.  Whichever you are making, sprinkle in some raspberries and strawberries as well – you’ll appreciate having them for snacking later.

Your fruit should fill almost half of the pitcher. This is key.

Step 2. Pour your bottle of wine of choice on top of the fruit.

Step 3. Put your pitcher in the fridge and keep it there for at least a couple of hours. The longer the fruit soaks in the wine, the more different flavours you will have and the more it will actually taste like sangria. Wine with fruit in it does not qualify as sangria if it still just tastes like wine.

Step 4. Once you are ready to drink it, pour in a little bit of fruit juice and/or something carbonated for extra fruity flavour (I like Fresca, but you can also use 7 Up/Sprite). The amount you want to use is up to you based on how wine-y or fruity you want it to taste. Note: Peach Schnapps is also a great addition to white wine sangria.

Step 5. Pour away. Make sure you get summa dat fruit in your cup for snacking as mentioned above.

Stay thirsty!