What did everyone get up to for the long weekend? Isabelle, Tory and I went up to Tory’s cottage and had a wonderful relaxing time filled with sun, sangria and board games.


Canada Day makes me want four things:

1. Hanging out on a patio/deck/dock with a cold beer. And I don’t even normally drink beer.

  • Mission accomplished.

2. Fireworks.

  • Mission accomplished, thanks to Tory’s neighbours who had a particularly loud and colourful set on Sunday night.

3. Some form of red apparel.

  • Mission accomplished, though my red sweatpants were a poor choice for this time of year.

4. Chapman’s “Canadian Vanilla” ice cream, reminiscent of my peanut-and-nut-free childhood courtesy of my brother.

  • Sadly not accomplished due to closed grocery stores, but made up for with Yogurty’s froyo in maple (to celebrate Canada) and neapolitan (to commemorate my childhood). Plus a hearty helping of strawberries for added Canada red.


^ Enjoying the view.

Stay patriotic, eh?!