New month, new set o’ challenges (and failed goals my friends can call me out on! Kidding, sorta).

This month, I’m going easy on myself with this simple goal: to be more spontaneous and keep trying new things. It’s something I’ve gotten a lot better at over the past couple of years, but since I’ve been home from school this year I haven’t quite been my adventurous self, or at least as much as I’d like to be. Especially since I now have a summer job that is keeping me busy from 8am-6pm (including commutes), by which point I’m just too pooped to even think about doing something creative or social.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be having a fun summer! I want to see more, do more, try more. And all it’ll take is continuing to be open to experiences, new and old (while at least trying to make sure I still get the rest I need).

As for my goals thus far:

I’m still reading the paper 5 or 6 days a week, saying hi to pretty much everyone I know, and trying new recipes when I can…. Although it’s a constant struggle, I’m always trying to stay in the moment and to prioritize my daily activities so that I can be on time for what matters. But I’m also learning to give myself a break when I fall short of all my personal ideals.

Stay smiling!