On Monday night, I experienced something that I believe every Torontonian should get a chance to experience in his or her lifetime. Or rather, in the next 10 days, since that’s how long the Magnum Pleasure Store will remain in Toronto for.

At the end of June, Magnum – the ice cream bar brand – opened its first of a series of international pop-up shops at Yonge & Bloor. They are here until July 28 and are open Monday-Saturday from 12pm-10pm and Sundays from 11am-7pm.


When—not if—you go, there will most likely be a line and a bit of a wait – Isabelle, Marina and I waited for roughly 20 minutes – but it is worth it. Go with good friends and the time will fly by.

Once you get to the front of the line, the very friendly and helpful staff will walk you through the whole process of creating your own customized ice cream bar. It goes like this:


Step 1. Choose what flavour of ice cream you want: chocolate or vanilla bean.

Step 2. Choose what kind of chocolate you want the ice cream to be coated in: white, milk, or dark.

Step 3. Choose from 21 unique toppings for your ice cream bar. The options range from crushed popcorn to rose petals to bacon bits to Nerds, and you can have as many as you’d like. A friendly staff member will mix your choices together in a cocktail shaker before covering your bar in them.

Step 4. Optional (but why not at this point): choose a kind of chocolate (white, milk, or dark) to have drizzled overtop of your creation.

Step 5. Pay ($6), snap some obligatory instas, and enjoy!


Our works of art. My creation (bottom left): vanilla bean ice cream coated in dark chocolate and topped with toffee bits, dried strawberries, crushed macarons and honeycomb and drizzled with milk chocolate.


A close-up. You wanna go now, don’tcha?!

So do it! Time’s a-tickin’!

Stay hungry,