Somewhere between my busy weekends and finishing up at my summer job, I realized that it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted. I hadn’t been cooking or trying out cool new spots in the city, so it just didn’t occur to me. But now I am at it again for a new installment of my monthly “challenges”:

Like last month, I am going to keep it simple for August and aim just to be kinder to myself. I always like to be busy and try to keep on top of all of my commitments and responsibilities, including social ones, but sometimes I just need a break and time for myself. I need to be OK with that and not feel guilty about being “lazy” or disappointing other people – people often need to cancel plans with me, so there is no reason I can’t do the same.

Every once in a while, I need to allow myself a day of tea, reading, Sudoku, movie-watching, blog-reading and -writing, and/or anything else I choose. Girl’s gotta have a little me-time!

Note that it took me coming down with a cold to have this revelation – don’t wait to be sick to take some time for you!

Stay happy,