I’m currently at Kyle’s house in Campbell River, and on Monday his mom set us the task of collecting the blueberries from the bushes in the backyard. We ended up picking this many:


Naturally, something had to be done with this abundance of big round delicious berries. Being home alone in their house yesterday, I decided to make a blueberry pie as a thank-you gift for their hosting me.

As I always do in these kinds of scenarios, I turned to Martha Stewart for a recipe. Though, I opted for a store-bought crust rather than make my own “pâte brisée” (oops).

The rest of the recipe was very simple and took only a few minutes to carry out! Because I had bought a Tender Flake without a top crust, this “pie” is really more accurately called a blueberry tart. In retrospect, I really should have used this recipe. Oh well!

This was literally all I had to do:

Step 1. Mix 6 cups of blueberries in a large bowl with 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup corn starch and 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Step 2. Spoon the mixture into the crust so that it is completely filled to the brim, and slightly higher in the middle.

Step 3. Place the pie on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 400º, with oven rack in lower third.

Step 4. Bake for an additional 40 minutes at 350º, rotating the baking sheet halfway through, until the blueberry juices are bubbling and the crust is golden-brown.


Step 5. Enjoy on its own, or with vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt!

This was the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Suffice it to say that the pie was gone in a couple of hours (if you don’t count the piece Kyle saved for breakfast).

Stay hungry!