Fall is not and has never been my favourite season. Sometimes I feel like I am alone in that, or at least one of a select few.

For instance, I’ve always found the obsession with fall fashion a little strange. I get that you for some reason love layering neutrals, but I’m a floral and coral kinda girl. I’d take sundresses, rompers and sandals over layers any day.

I do love certain aspects of fall: the more temperate September weather, the school-supply/agenda shopping, the return to routine. But overall, fall to me is just “intro to winter.”

Spring, or “intro to summer,” is my personal favourite. Winter gets me down in the dumps, but once I see the sun and hear those birds chirping, my mood skyrockets. Spring, to me, offers so much promise and hope. Longer, sunnier days; fresh summer produce; vacations abroad, or just lazy days at home (and, until recently, the end of a hectic school year), are right around the corner. After all, isn’t a little bit of summer what the whole year’s all about? That’s what my friend John says, anyways.

But then I ask myself: Am I being cynical? Probably. Does this fall seem particularly bad because I’m not returning to one of the best universities there is? Yes.

This season is not my favourite, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my best to make it enjoyable for myself. Instead of focusing on how great the past was and what I might be missing out on, I can focus on making the present just (or almost) as good.


For starters, the Queen’s chapter of my life doesn’t have to be over just yet. I have lots of friends who are still there, and not only will I be returning for Homecoming (which is finally back in action), but Tory and I have decided to go this weekend for frosh week as well – when it’s only a 2 1/2 hour drive away, why not?

I was told today by my chiropractor that, due to some cartilage damage/joint misalignment in my knee, I should avoid running, biking, and the Barreworks classes that I love so much (too many plies/lunges/squats!). It’s only for a month or so while I focus on healing, but I was pretty bummed that this effectively cuts out my favourite ways to stay fit. I will not be defeated, though – instead, I will spend the month of September reconnecting with my love of swimming (at indoor pools, of course)!

Other things to do and look forward to: an excuse to shop; sporting jewel tones on my nails and in my wardrobe; finally seeing a movie at TIFF; walking through the colourful leaves of the ravine on my way to the Brickworks Farmers’ Market; sipping Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and trying their new chocolate chai (yum!); apple picking with my family in Thornbury; stuffing myself with stuffing at Thanksgiving.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know in a comment! I’m always looking for more inspiration.

Stay positive,


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