The Junction flea is a monthly flea market held in, you guessed it, the Junction (on Dundas just west of Keele). Looking at the Evergreen Brick Works website, I discovered that the flea market also pops up there on occasion – including today. Given that the Brick Works is only a short, picturesque walk away, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on such a beautiful day.

It’s no surprise that the Brick Works is kind of my happy place. However, considering how close it is and the amazing events they hold (including the weekly Saturday Farmers’ Market and monthly Toronto Underground Market), I don’t go nearly often enough. I hope to change that.

I grabbed a coffee at the café and met Fiona in the Pavilions to explore the flea market. Turns out I didn’t need to get that coffee, because they had a booth in the the market, along with a number of other yummy treats.

There was lots to look at:

^ I knew my friend Tory would love this owl earring-holder.

So many great vendors and so much to ogle…

We both fawned over a lot—candles, lip balms, prints, $20 cashmere sweaters—but in the end Fiona and I both purchased some jewelry and I also picked up a great pair of sunglasses for 10 bucks!

After so much browsing/shopping, we had worked up an appetite…

^ I had “la chicken”. How French of me, I know.

^ Spiced pumpkin & maple butter tart gelato from Be Good Gelato. So delish!!

The next Junction Flea at the Brick Works is Sunday, October 27th. I highly recommend it – such a great way to spend an afternoon!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Stay sassy,