Last October, my friends and I arranged a potluck and I (naturally) signed up to bring a dessert. I was so excited, browsing my go-to website for recipe ideas and settling on this recipe for pumpkin swirl brownies. Pumpkin AND chocolate? I was sold.

Since I was at school and had limited supplies (i.e., no electric mixer), the entire process took me roughly two hours. I was doubtful that my brownies would turn out like Martha’s, but they were just as pretty—and I like to think just as delicious! Unfortunately, the potluck was cancelled that night so I was the only one who enjoyed them.

This weekend, I am returning to Queen’s for homecoming (shout-out to my lovely hostesses Steph, Mairead and Angela!). When brainstorming for hostess gifts, I thought: what better gift than a pan or two of these yummy brownies?

I followed the recipe pretty much to a T (doubling it this time), but left out the hazelnuts because Steph has a nut allergy. My brother has one too, so I’m accustomed to making these kinds of sacrifices (kidding – they taste just as good!). Luckily, thanks to my mom’s store of kitchen supplies, it was less time-consuming this time around – but no less messy.

^ I didn’t save quite enough chocolate batter for the second layer – doesn’t matter though, the rest is on the bottom!

A word of advice: I recommend switching the order of steps 2 and 3, i.e., make and divide the batter before melting the chocolate and butter. In fact, mix the pumpkin batter first and save the chocolate-melting and -mixing until right before you are ready to layer the batter into the pan. The chocolate mixture changes consistency fairly quickly, becoming thicker and more difficult to work with – you’ll want to have everything all set up so you can work quickly.

^ Since I doubled the recipe, I had to bake them about twice as long (give or take). I like to ever-so-slightly undercook my brownies so that they are less cakey, more fudgy.

Serve with a tall glass of milk and enjoy!

Stay hungry,