It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these reviews.  I had big plans for myself to try out a ton of new brunch places in the last couple months–brunch being my absolute favourite–and then write a post reviewing all of them, but I only ended up going to one.  What a shame…

If I could only choose one, though, I think I picked the right place.  Six of my friends and I headed out to Saving Grace on Dundas West one morning at 11am, and miraculously got a table within 15 minutes (apparently unheard of there, because it’s such a popular spot).  I spent roughly 10-15 minutes going back and forth between the regular and specials menus, ultimately settling for the coconut-black sesame waffles from the specials:


…With a side of sausage. Clearly, they were to die for. I was the only one to go the sweet direction: other popular choices at our table were the savory french toast, old white cheddar sandwich, and open-face brie (brie, pear, walnuts and honey on baguette).  Everyone was perfectly happy with their meals.  The service was kind of slow, even for our coffee and lattes, but the staff was friendly and accommodating.


^ Isabelle’s breakfast. I can’t remember what it was, but it looks delicious, and that’s what matters, right?

Verdict: 4/5. If they improve the speed of service, that would take it up another notch for me (and improve the usually-long wait times). My only other real complaint is that Dundas West is such a trek (for me, at least).


Smith isn’t new for me – I went for my third time with my mom on Sunday – but it’s become one of my favourites. It feels trendy yet cozy, has a great hidden patio for warm weather, is relatively close to my house, and most importantly has all of the things you really want for brunch: scones, eggs benedict, waffles, frittatas, crepes, huevos, and your classic eggs-toast-home fries-bacon/peameal/sausage meal. They’ll just usually fancy it up a bit, and I can’t complain about that.

This Sunday, my mom got the “Smith” (see classic meal described above) and I got this wonderful concoction:


^ The brisket hash: poached eggs, beef brisket, and breakfast potatoes cooked and served in a cast-iron skillet with béarnaise sauce and salsa. It was amazing but super filling, so I brought the leftovers home, and alas they have since disappeared… The woes of living with your parents. I can’t blame them, though.

Verdict: 4.5/5. I really like this place. I even celebrated my birthday there last year (mimosas and all). I’m hesitant to give anything a 5 (even Gusto 101, though I may have to revise that), but I highly recommend Smith. It’s well-decorated and homey, the service is friendly, and the food will leave you satisfied.