Life has been busy: full-time work, 13 applications, appointments, Christmas shopping, birthday planning, and trying to find a little time for me.  For the record, I have been doing pretty well with most of my end-of-year goals: I planned all of my Christmas gifts, including stocking stuffers, by December 1st (and bought all of them by December 3rd); I’ve been working diligently on my applications, though my phone is admittedly still in my presence for 25% of that time; and I like to think I’ve generally been more happy and positive. As soon as I come to terms with the fact that my knees will always be cracky and crunchy (yum!!), it will be back to Barreworks for me.

Last night, Fiona and I finally made it to Friday Night Live @ the ROM, which we’ve been trying and failing to go to for about 4 weeks now. It was the “Season Finale”, and even though all the online tickets had sold out, we committed and lined up at the door. Little did we know the line would wrap halfway around the block. After waiting for an hour and a half–to the point that I could no longer feel my fingers, toes, or lips (thank you, Raynaud’s)–some wonderful saviours came around selling 2 extra tickets and we jumped at the chance.

Inside, we were greeted by this familiar dino:


…delicious food choices, including these lobster-, thai beef- and roasted beet-stuffed buns from Hot Bunzz:


…comforting drinks and giant sea creatures:


…wildlife photography (we didn’t quite make it inside the gallery, hence the reflection):


…impromptu Shakespeare (photo credit to Fiona’s Instagram):

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 1.34.52 PM

…and live music. Unfortunately, the bat cave was closed, so we did some exploring instead and came across a gallery of minerals, gems, fossils and meteorites:


…before roaming among the dinosaurs and other various extinct species:


^ This is a prehistoric sloth. You read that right–those adorable little lazy sloths we all know and love used to be…this. I can’t.


^ Giant armadillo and turtle.


^ Friends we made on the staircase.

On our way back to the main floor, we came across a room where people were designing miniature castles on iPads, which where then actually created for them using 3D printers. They look like espresso machines, but those things are pretty freaking amazing.

To cap off the night, we made our way to the sugar waffle table where we aggressively made sure that we received two of the final dozen of the night. Feeling like Leslie Knope, we smeared the whipped cream over the top and ate our waffles with our hands while people twerked all around us.


Stay curious, and keep exploring!