I’ve neglected this space for a while. I got busy–first with work, then with traveling (oh, those were the days), then with being thrust head-first, full-force into this graduate program that I’ll be completing for the next 6-7 years. This last part was actually great for me. It forced me to get to know my campus, my program and my peers early on; it gave my day-to-day life structure; it distracted me from any potential feelings of homesickness or loneliness in this new city.

And for the first six weeks or so, this worked. Not only did I not have homesickness or loneliness to speak of, but for the first time in my life, I felt 100% on top of my workload. As someone who procrastinated most of her way through high school and half of university, I finally feel like I have my time management on lock. I’ve got a good momentum going. The problem is, I’m starting to feel like that momentum isn’t sustainable.

^ My version of self-care.

Sure, I may have my shit together, but I only have my SCHOOL shit together, and the effects are taking their toll on the other areas of my life. Not enough time to get 7 hours of sleep, to paint my nails, to try out delicious new recipes, to hang out with new friends, to Skype with old friends, to talk to my family on the phone. Not enough dates with Kyle, and not enough time for ME. So much for “time management”.

The thing is, there IS time for all of the above – I just have to find a way to restructure my life and rebalance my priorities. This program and career path are super important to me, but so are my mental health and well-being. After all, how can I promote the mental health and well-being of others if I haven’t figured out my own?

Here are 3 small changes I’m planning to implement:
1. Getting ready for bed at 10pm.
2. Waiting until after I have fully woken up and refreshed before checking emails/social media.
3. Trying at least one new thing that excites me each week – whether it’s a recipe, a restaurant, or a dance class.

Join me in my self-care mission! What are some things you’d like to do for YOU? I’d love to know. πŸ™‚

Stay true to you,