In the aftermath of an admittedly less-than-stellar month, I am welcoming February with open arms.  While I usually hop right on the New Year’s Resolution train, this January I made one excuse after another for myself in a dangerous cycle of self-pity.

But I’m choosing to forgive myself for that, wipe my slate clean and treat February as my true start to 2014.  Look out for a more mindful, kind, punctual, carefree and non-symptom-googling Caj.


^ The key to a fresh start? A delicious breakfast. 🙂

A few things I have to look forward to this month:

  • A more varied fitness regimen.  After months of the same boring gym routine, my body is finally getting back to normal, and I can’t even describe how exciting it has been to ski, snowshoe, swim and DANCE again.  I’ve even been sneaking in a few mini, mini runs at the gym.  I’m still pacing myself, but I plan to keep changing it up so that exercise can once again be something I look forward to.
  • Enjoying 3-course meals for cheap at Winterlicious (on til February 13).
  • Valentine’s Day.  Yep.  Even when I’ve been single, I’ve always loved V-Day and used it as an excuse to wear pink and red, gorge myself on baked goods and perform little acts of kindness.  This year, you’ll find me baking some of my own festive treats (and sharing the recipe(s))!
  • A clearer view of my future.  The pieces are starting to come together–slowly but surely–and I’ll be excited to share more once I know everything for sure.
  • Just the general fact that we’re one month closer to spring.

Stay fresh,