…minus the ‘Yo.

Actually, minus everything except Nutella and banana.ย  FYI, yesterday was World Nutella Day, and I’m not one to let a holiday slip by without finding some small way to celebrate.


This could not possibly be simpler:

  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1/3 cup Nutella

Note: you can taste the banana a bit more than you can taste the Nutella, so if you’re like me and would prefer the Nutella to shine, I’d try a 1/2 cup.ย  Because chocolate and hazelnut.

You’ll make your life even easier if you slice the banana before freezing.ย  I popped the whole banana in the freezer like a noob, but it was actually pretty easy to peel and slice after running it under hot water for ~30 seconds.

Mix up in your magic bullet, top with some hazelnuts if desired (toasted and crushed would be heaven), and stick in your spoon!

Stay hungry,